North Lanarkshire CHR mutual exchange enquiry

If you live in a council or housing association property and want to move house, one option is to swap your home with another council or housing association tenant. We call this swap a Mutual Exchange.

There are certain rules you need to follow and you must get permission to mutual exchange with another tenant from your landlord (either your council or housing association) before you move. Your landlord will provide further information on your eligibility to swap.

In order to be considered for a mutual exchange, you must have a live CHR Application (also known as a housing application). If you are not currently on our waiting list please contact your landlord for an application form or click here to download and print a form.
Your current home details:
  1. In order to help us locate potential mutual exchanges we need information about your current home.

In order to help us locate potential mutual exchanges please describe what you require:
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Desired area details

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